About Us

SvServers is known for its best customer service and support with a team of 78 hosting experts with more than 10 years experience in the hosting industry. SvServers is managed by professionals who are committed to providing the best hosting services in the industry


We Make Sure Better Performance

SvServers increased its customer base and services by 100%. Customer support has increased dramatically and offers sales and technical support all the time. Score with 95% of the rate of satisfying customers. SvServers offers Xen VPS services on the Xen Server virtualization platform. We focus primarily on building cloud platforms for companies that offer 100% availability. Together with Xen VPS hosting, we offer dedicated servers that are managed and managed at TIER III and IV data centers in various parts of the world, including servers in four different locations, namely in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia and the United States

Exclusive Features
  • Daily Backups & free backup restore
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Step-by-step Tutorials & Knowledgebase
WordPress Services
  • 100% Uptime assurance
  • Free WordPress Transfer
  • Themes and plugins installation
  • Malware Scan & Reports

Our Data centers Location

Do you know Our Mission?

Less income? Dont worry! SvServers is the right choice to get additional wealth. We have tracked a company outline that is suitable for everyone. You can be a distributor to sell our web hosting services or customers who buy hosting services from us will always make you feel you are of high quality. If you are a developer, designer, or freelancer, you can start your own hosting company at a very affordable price and not divert your customers to other hosting companies. We allow this for you. Get started today and get extra income directly in your pocket