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Provide free DDoS protection and free SSL too are provided on our plans and DMCA Ignored VPS, Gambling and Auctions sites aren’t allowed on Shared or OpenVz VPS servers but probably allowed on Kvm Cloud or Dedicated Servers. Note that cPanel and Softaculous is pre-installed and activated with each 10 USD above VPS

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IP Scanner, Spoofing, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming , Fascism & Terrorism , Botnet, Crypto Mining, malware & DDoSing, Child Pornography not allowed also do not make any payments without read our TOS, because we have no refund policy - Chat with our Live chat operator before pay

Processor core Location RAM SSD Bandwidth(Unlimited) /MO
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 One RU/ NL 1 GB 25 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $2.85 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 One RU/ NL 2 GB 30 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $3.75 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Two RU/ NL 4 GB 45 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $5.99 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Four RU/ NL 6 GB 50 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $9.89 Buy Now
Processor core Location RAM Disk Bandwidth(Unlimited) /MO
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Six RU/ NL 8 GB 80 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $23.99 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Eight RU/ NL 12 GB 100 GB 1 Gbps Shared Port $35.89 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 RU/ NL 1 Gbps Shared Port Ask for Price Buy Now

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We don’t aim nor is our goal to win awards we don’t need to opt for paid “award”. What we Do objective for is providing super fast and secure DMCA Ignored hosting solutions. Our professionality and hard work helped us to earn our customers trust and recognition as a leading web hosting provider in the Russian Hosting Industry. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency designed by a group of programmers under supervision of Satoshi Nakamoto. The benefits of this currency quickly attracted the attention of millions of users who made transactions over the internet. We currently run the Bitcoin payment system to sell our services, allowing you to benefit from our Bitcoin VPS without any limitations

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Why Anonymous VPS is Most Valuable for Some People

The most not unusual one is while you’re looking to keep away from govt. Censorship or regulations on the sort of content material you’re trying to share

Privacy is our business and we treat it seriousely - there are rules that have to be respected, otherwise account will be blocked without compensation. Anonymous VPS could be your first-rate choice in case you are in need of more superior website hosting solutions, but cannot manage to pay for a dedicated server, or don't need to address complexity of bare steel beasts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Any content which doesn't break our Policy.including but not limited to Adult Content (18+ models) Warez Hosting , Linking , Embeded Hosting Gambling, IPTV streaming, Black , Gray , Green, Purple hats (no phishing or any illegal activity).
Definitely NO! We don't tolerate any type of SPAM, which include but is not limited to Bulk emailing Unwanted emails, Marketing emails Let's be friends, Don't SPAM from our network!
No we don't keep logs of your activity However we do monitor our network for illegal activities such as SPAM or DDOS attacks
We accept the following payment methods: (We accept: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller)
We do NOT provide any raid setup or backup feature. If a SSD turns faulty, all data may be lost, Take regular self backups of your important data