Russia Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps Network

Dedicated Server in Russia offers full control, performance and stability of all types of business models. Our dedicated servers in Russia are well-equipped to support Windows, Linux and all other software programs

  • Supper Fast, Secure & Always Up

  • Instant Server Power Management

  • 2.1 Million User Trusted Us

Get all the essentials features Starting at $100.47/mo

Dedicated Servers in Russia


Regular Price$181.79/mo

Popular Dedicated Server Russia Configuration

IP Scanner, Spoofing, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming , Botnet, Crypto Mining, Child Pornography NOT ALLOWED, 10gbps Duplex Bandwidth Cost: $719/pm

Processor Model Memory Core's NVME SSD Geekbench Score 1GBps Network Price for Virtual Private Server
2x Xeon L5520/E5520 32GB 6 Cores12T 120GB
150 TB

$100.47/month On sale - Save 30%

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Few Features on Cheap Russia Dedicated Servers

Our experienced technicians ensure that your Russia Dedicated Servers performance is at the top. We tailor the server to your needs and install the necessary software. Don't worry, if you don't have the experience of managing a website, we will do everything you need for free

100% Network Uptime

We have good network channel

24x7 Tech Support

LiveChat Support also Tickets

DDoS Protection

Free with every Servers also VPS

Trusted by Millions

We have possitve review 100%

Basic Questions / Answers

How Many IP's are Default given with Russia Dedicated Servers - and How Do I Get More?

1 Default IPv4 will assign with all Servers, you can Take Unlimited IPv4, Per IP Cost will be 3.10 USD

What About RAID?

Normally RAID not active, you need 2 Disk minimum for RAID setup, For RAID setup you need to make custom servers, we can make any configure no worries