Cheap 10gbps Dedicated Server with Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy 10Gbps connectivity to push large amounts of bandwidth. All 10Gbps servers are unmetered so you'll never have to worry about an overage

  • Double power line redundancy, Diesel-engine generator with automatic start system

  • Modern air conditioning and fire fighting system, 5 + individual connections to different providers

  • 25+Tbps Internet Backbone, 1 Million+ client requests handled

Get all the essentials features Starting at $2300/mo

10Gbps Dedicated Servers


Regular Price$399.47/mo

Best Price of 10Gbps Server Ignore DMCA, Offshore Location (Spain)

IP Scanner, Spoofing, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming , Botnet, Crypto Mining, Child Pornography NOT ALLOWED, DDoS Protection Cost: $419/pm

Processor/ (CPU's) Memory Power SSD (Ent.) Geekbench Uplink 10 Gbp/S Cost per Month
Dual E5-2660 v2 128GB DDR4 20C/40T 960GB

$250.99/month On sale - Save 30%

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Dual E5-2660 v2 128GB DDR4 20C/40T 960GB

$470.99/month On sale - Save 30%

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Dual E5-2660 v2 128GB DDR4 20C/40T 960GB

$856.99/month On sale - Save 30%

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Buy Cheapest Spain Server with 10Gbps Bandwidth, with Ignored DMCA 100%

Our Offshore Spain servers are often used by companies that deal with copyrighted content such as movies, music, and software. By ignoring DMCA notices, these companies can continue to provide their services without facing any legal repercussions. Protect your online services with our advanced DDoS protection and mitigation DDoS Shield. Our 10+ years of experience help ensure that we deliver the bandwidth we guarantee

100% Network Uptime

We have good network channel

24x7 Tech Support

LiveChat Support also Tickets

DDoS Protection

Free with every Servers also VPS

Trusted by Millions

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Basic Questions / Answers

How many Hours Need to Deliver the Server with 10Gbps Bandwidth?

We set up servers usually in 2 – 3 business days. In some cases this might take longer, which in this case we will contact you

Why you will Buy 10Gbps Dedicated Server from us?

SvServers is one of the leading providers of cheap 10Gbps dedicated server with an excellent reputation for their affordable pricing and high-quality services. In comparison to other providers, SvServers offers a wide range of server options, including cloud-based solutions, and their servers come with unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, SvServers all server built with powerful hardware that can handle resource-intensive applications with ease. Our servers uptime guarantee is 100%. Choosing SvServers as your dedicated server provider offers you peace of mind knowing you're getting an excellent service that is dependable yet affordable. Our servers come with a range of features like 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 20Gbps uplinks, with unmetered data transfer, which ensures that your website or application runs smoothly without any disruptions due to bandwidth limitations.

What about RAID?

Normally RAID not active, you need 2 Disk minimum for RAID setup, For RAID setup you need to order custom servers with Dual Disk, we can make any configure no worries

Several Benefits of Choosing 10Gbps Dedicated Server

When it comes to servers, speed and bandwidth are crucial for businesses. That's why investing in a 10Gbps dedicated server can provide significant advantages. Firstly, faster website speed means a better user experience, resulting in increased engagement and revenue. With a high-bandwidth capacity of 10Gbps, enterprises can efficiently transfer significant volumes of data without encountering any delays or latency problems. Our dedicated server also offers better security, as businesses have complete control over their server and can customize security measures to their specific needs. Additionally, with a dedicated server, businesses have full root access, allowing them to customize and install any applications they require. SvServers is a reliable provider of high-bandwidth, that offer top-notch performance and speed.