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  • Server Network speed: 1Gbps/10Gbps Dedicated in full Duplex. The Bandwidth: 50TB, 100TB or UNMETERED

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Intel® Xeon CPU Memory Support SSD Cache Geekbench Score Dedicated Network Price for Virtual Private Server
8x Dedicated 16GB 24/7 35
100Mbps Duplex

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12x Dedicated 16GB 24/7 75
1Gbps Duplex

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Why you buy Dedicated Streaming Server from SvServers?

Streaming on a dedicated server with a port of 10 GBit / s is 100% Non Shared fully Dedicated for one NODE's, You will be very satisfied with the stability and quality of our network. We have guaranteed quality and stability in your ongoing projects

100% Network Uptime

We have good network channel

24x7 Tech Support

LiveChat Support also Tickets

DDoS Protection

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Basic Questions / Answers

What is a Dedicated Streaming Server?

Content providers can use streaming servers to send video, audio or images and stream files to end users in real time. These servers require expanded storage, to store large amounts of data and transfer them to user devices with minimal latency. Network speed and bandwidth is the key to rapid deployment. Therefore, Our 10gbps Dedicated Servers are connected to a strong global network - Uplink is 10gbps fully duplex

How does a IPTV Streaming Server work?

The mechanism behind streaming media includes a dedicated server with expanded computing resources that stores media files and video streams. Content is sent via CDN, a global network that compresses and transmits data in smaller blocks to reduce delays and avoid congestion at peak times. End users do not need to download content locally to view it. Instead, they can see it when requested by the browser