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Processor Core Location RAM SSD Bandwidth /MO
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Six RU/ NL 8 GB 100 GB Unlimited $54.85 Buy Now
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 Twelve RU/ NL 16 GB 160 GB Unlimited $78.89 Buy Now
Processor core Location RAM Disk Bandwidth(Unlimited) /MO
Intel Xeon® E5-2620/E3/E5-2430 RU/ NL Unlimited Ask for Price Buy Now

Why you need Unmetered Dedicated Server or having VPS Unlimited Bandwidth?

A Streaming Functions takes more and too much bandwidth and its requred by traffic requrement, if traffic is real time more over 500+ then must need dedicated server unlimited bandwidth or unmetered VPS, Netherlands - Amsterdam location can be best businesses today use extra server bandwidth than ever before. With record sizes getting larger and the internet getting faster, this trend isn’t probable to sluggish down whenever soon

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