Bitcoin Dedicated Servers 100% DMCA Ignored

The optimal solution for Fastest Service with Ignore all copyright infringement notice, dmca takedown notice

Plans & Pricing for Bitcoin Dedicated Servers

Our Offshore Dedicated Servers are carefully designed to ensure a reliable. With SvServers you can sign up anonymously to ensure your privacy is protected and you can obtain free DDoS protection. Plans that offer unlimited domains frequently come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage as well. View hosting plans with unlimited domains from popular hosts or lowest pricing below

✮ Dedicated Server Delivery time 3-5 Working days, Payment Methods: (We accept: Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller) or PayPal Friends and Family Methods

Processor core Location RAM nVME SSD Bandwidth(Unlimited) /MO
Intel Xeon E5-2430v2 Twelve Russia 32 GB 2x240 GB 100 Mbps Shared Port $113.85 Buy Now
Intel Xeon E5/E3 Series Russia ∞ GB ∞ GB $∞ Buy Now
Processor core Location RAM nVME SSD Bandwidth(Unlimited) /MO
2xIntel Xeon E5-2430v2 Twenty Russia 64 GB 2x480 GB 100 Mbps Shared Port $145.85 Buy Now

Why Ours Offshore Dedicated Servers Hosting are Best

We provide reliable dedicated servers at affordable prices in Moscow and Amsterdam. Our Data Center was built according to TIER III standard. We use only high-quality equipment of the leading world manufacturers, which guarantees reliability and stability of the servers.

Flexible payment Guarantee
24/7/365 Live Support
Fastest SSD Servers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Read Before Buy any Offshore Dedicated Servers

Any content which doesn't break our Policy, Adult Content (18+ models) Warez Hosting , Linking , Embeded Hosting Gambling, IPTV streaming, Crack Software Black , Gray , Green, Purple hats (NO phishing or any illegal activity).
Yes, every server has full access.
Definitely NO! We don't tolerate any type of SPAM, which include but is not limited to Bulk emailing Unwanted emails, Marketing emails Let's be friends, Don't SPAM from our network!
No we don't keep logs of your activity However we do monitor our network for illegal activities such as SPAM or DDOS attacks
We accept the following payment methods: (We accept: Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller)
We do NOT provide any raid setup or backup feature. If a SSD turns faulty, all data may be lost, Take regular self backups of your important data

Best Features for our Unmetered VPS and Unmetered Dedicated Server

Unmetered Dedicated Server – the type of hosting in which the client is provided with entirely separate physical machine (as opposed to shared hosting). Typically used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements.

Network Availability

SvServers is confident to share that the overall uptime of its network exceeds 100%, Need to use always cloudflare into your Domain

Full Server Access

We provide you with full root access for your Server, so you can use any application you desire. Additionally, you get IPMI/iLO access, so you can completely manage your server

TIER III Data Centres

Only the best secure premises with reliable power and fastest routs to RU, NL and Asia for your hardware, also we use Xeon E5 Series Processor with nVME SSD

Heroic Support

Our support team are a rare breed of individuals – super-technical with great people skills to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Flexibility Configuration

We understand that resource requirements can be changed and the load can be increased.If the characteristics of your current server limit you, we are ready to change the configuration

Multiple Locations

Our servers are located in the best interconnected datacenters in Russia, USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, London. We have Offshore DMCA ignored from RUssia and Netherlands